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Borehole_Geophysical_Services_LogsCOLOG is known for more than just “logging a hole.” Our engineers often combine conventional geophysical methods with the newest technological advancements to give our clients concise and complete information. Experience and creative thinking combines to yield superior and innovative logging, interpretation and presentation capabilites for everything from traditional vertical borehole and horizontal/directional applications, to challenging and/or remote sites. Services can be designed around your project’s goals, yielding valuable and cost-effective geophysical data.

»  Optical Televiewers
»  Acoustic Televiewers
»  8, 16, 32, 64″ & Focused Resistivity
»  SP, SPR, Current Measurements
»  Microresistivity with 1-Arm Caliper and Natural Gamma
»  Natural & Spectral Gamma
»  NMR for Porosity and Permeability (Magnetic Resonance)
»  Induction Logging (Dual Induction)
»  Color/Sidescan Digital Video
»  Full Waveform Sonic & CBL
»  Crosshole Sonic
»  Water Quality (Nitrate, pH, T, FEC, ORP, DO)
»  Borehole Deviation-North Seeking Gyro
»  Borehole Deviation-Magnetic
»  Borehole Sonar
»  Borehole Laser
»  Neutron Logging for Porosity
»  High Resolution Focused Density
»  Gamma Density Logging (GDL)
»  Magnetic Susceptibility
»  Induced Polarization
»  3-Arm Caliper/Borehole Volume
»  4-Arm X-Y Caliper
» Rock Pressuremeter / Dilatometer

»  Training for Logging Methods/WellCad Processing/Interpretation